National Gorgeous Grandma Day

National Gorgeous Grandma Day
| August 21, 2021


You may have never heard of it but National Gorgeous Grandma Day is definitely one that is worth celebrating. It was started by Alice Soloman who wanted to break stereotypes of what a grandma was. Society has a perception of what women over a certain age should and shouldn’t do. All grandmas are gorgeous whether they love knitting and baking cookies or wear leather pants and rock out to AC/DC. Grandmothers and grandmother figures do so much for their friends and family, now is a great time to give back to them with random acts of kindness.

Here are three ideas for all the different types of grandma’s in your life:

1. Have a Tea Party/Cocktail Party

Brew up your Grandma’s favorite type of tea and make some cucumber sandwich or bake some delicious shortbread cookies for an afternoon tea party with her. It’s a great way to spend some quality time together and have fun! If Grandma is more of a cocktail type of gal, spend the afternoon learning a new mixed drink recipe (like this one called the Drunken Grandma) or better yet, making up your own! The more creative the better. And don’t forget to give them a fun name!


2. Take Her To See a Play/Concert

Dress to the nines and take your Grandma out on the town for a night at the theater or a concert. There are always plenty of options and there’s sure to be something you and your Grandma would both love whether it’s Rock of Ages or Shakespeare, Mozart or a local indie band. Make a night of it and grab dinners and drinks before or after the show. The memories will last for a lifetime.


3. Send Her A RAK Pak

We are all about random acts of kindness (or RAKs)  and have made it easy for you to send a surprise RAK Pak to anyone in your life. We are sure Grandma would love to get one in the mail! We have all sorts of goodies for you to choose from for your Grandma’s RAK Pak like candles for the Grandma who likes to relax at home or a disco ball bluetooth speaker for the Grandma who loves to boogie the night away to her favorite jams. You can RAK her a little or RAK her a lot with our different RAK Pak size options.


4. Set It Up

You’re almost done! Now it’s time to disperse your clues to their designated hiding spots. Make sure they’re secure and somewhere the hunter can find them, but not too easily. Don’t forget to include your prize at the end!!

See? What a fun way to RAK your friends and family! A scavenger hunt is a fun act of kindness activity for all ages because you can make it as easy or as hard as you want. You can also make it as small or as large as you want. Tag us in your #RAKScavengerHuntDay pictures on Instagram. We can’t wait to see them! 


Tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #RAKThePlanet to show us how you are celebrating your Grandma on National Gorgeous Grandma Day!

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