What's a RAK Card

You Found What?

The age old question, what’s a RAK card? If you are asking this then maybe you’ve found one! If you have found a RAK card and you are not quite sure what it is...here are a few cool things about it!

A RAK card is our special way of spreading Random Acts of Kindness. In addition to our gift boxes and acts of kindness, we like to hide RAK cards for people to find.A RAK card is our way of being able to communicate to you what you found. We wanted to use videos and music to brighten up your day!
  1. A RAK card has a USB built into it so you can plug it into your computer and watch some fun videos and listen to some cool tunes.
  2. It fits in your wallet!
  3. You can reuse it!
  4. You can store your own info on it!
  5. You can use it to RAK someone else!

Want to Send a RAK Card to Someone Else?

This is a genuine RAK USB 2.0 External 2GB card. It comes preloaded with uplifting songs, videos and a special video explaining to the finder that they have been RAK'd!
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