What’s a RAK?

A RAK is a Random Act of Kindness. We got kind of tired writhing those 19 letters out over and over again so we came up with an acronym, RAK!

Can my RAK box be sent anonymously?

ABSOLUTELY! We love sending out the most random acts of kindness which are ones sent anonymously. When you purchase a RAK box and select Anonymous as the sender your package will be delivered from RAK and our corporate office will be on the sender address. The RAK recipient will never know who sent it!

Can I buy a RAK and have you send it to someone?

ABSOLUTELY! We are constantly finding people who need a little pick me up. You can choose to participate in our Give a RAK, Get a RAK program where you can purchase a RAK Box for $10, $20, or $40 and we will send that RAK to a RAK Star from our list. It’s kind of like being the Santa Clause of kindness.

I found a RAK card, what now?

We hope it put a BIG smile on your AWESOME face! Your RAK card is more than just a cool reminder that you are special and deserving of Random Acts of Kindness. It also has a hidden flash drive where we’ve shared some music and photos with you to help brighten your day. 

One you’ve taken a look at what is on your card, why not add some content of your own to share? Maybe you could record a new song or read a poem to someone. Maybe you just list the things you are most grateful for. Whatever you do with your RAK card make sure to pass it on!

And remember, we love to hear about your RAK’s. Feel free to share any pictures, videos, or thoughts with us here.  You could be added to our RAK Wall of Fame!

How big of a random act of kindness do I have to do to be a RAK Star?

The teeniest, tiniest of RAK’s can make you a RAK Star. It’s not about how big your event or how much money you give away. RAK Stars are people who go out of their way to bring kindness to others. This could be something as small as always smiling and waving at your neighbors to slipping an extra $10 to your waiter at dinner. It doesn’t have to be big it just has to move the needle on kindness.

Why Random Acts of Kindness?

Science has proved that when you participate in a random act of kindness, whether you are the one performing the act, you are receiving the random act of kindness, or you are only watching the random act of kindness go down, that means that endorphins are released and you become a happier, healthier person.

Our mission is to make the world a better place and what better way to do that than one fun, random act of kindness at a time.
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