RAK Stories

Once upon a time there was an anonymous stranger who wanted to brighten someone’s day. So they shared a RAK! Here are a few of our favorite RAKStars...

Marcus Rios

Marcus is an incredible musician. During quarantine he realized the need for people to connect with each other through music. So he staged a RAK concert! By sharing his music he was able to share a random act of kindness with total strangers. You can sneak a peek at his quarantine concert here.

Delivery Drivers

Over the holidays it can be overwhelming how many places we have to go and things we have to do. It can make you lose sight of the reason for the season. And that is, to spread random acts of kindness and bring cheer everywhere you go! Here’s a video from an anonymous RAKer who spread cheer to the delivery drivers who work so hard to make sure we all get what we need for the holidays. Check out this RAKtastic video…

A Slice of RAK

We love hearing your stories of #RandomActsofKindness. This story was submitted via our website, www.RAK-experience.com Did you know that you can gain the benefit of #RAKingthePlanet by simply reading a story about a good deed? That's right! Each exposure you have to a Random Act of Kindness will send those good vibes through you. Without further ado, here's the amazing #RAK shared from our website. Let the #RAK wash over you.

I Got RAK'd

My boyfriend and I had just got done shopping at Sam’s Club in Chillicothe, OH. We were loading the truck up and I noticed a man loading his things across the parking lot. He had a slicer in his truck. My family owns a restaurant and our slicer has been acting up. I asked him if it was for sale. Then he proceeded to tell me about RAK and gave me the slicer for free! All he asked was that I share my story....such an awesome experience that made my day!!

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