National Administrative Professionals Day always falls on the Wednesday of the last full week of April which means this year it is April 21st. The observance, which started in 1952, is an opportunity to appreciate the work of secretaries, receptionists, administrative assistants, and other administration support staff. Their organization and efficiency is what keeps an office running. A wonderful way to thank them is with a thoughtful gift. 


As you might have guessed, we are all about random acts of kindness here at the RAK (Random Act of Kindness) Experience and we think Administrative Professionals Day is a great time to do a random act of kindness for the administrative professionals in your office with a RAK Pak


A RAK Pak is basically a customizable gift box full of goodies. We have two box sizes: one that holds four items and one that holds six items plus every RAK Pak comes with a bonus surprise in the box. Once you’ve chosen your box size, there are all kinds of great little goodies to choose from to add to the box depending on the personality of the administrative professional in your office. Here are just a few of our options: 



We have a little something for everyone so you’ll be able to build a box that will put a smile on the face of the administrative professional in your office. Check out our store and send your RAK Pak today! 

Music has a great way of bringing people together and we bet the music lover in your life has brought you a great deal of happiness by performing for you or making you a killer playlist. Well, we here at the RAK Experience are obviously all about paying it forward and spreading random acts of kindness (#RAKThePlanet!). We created the RAK Experience for you to be able to do just that. We put together a line of products that you can choose from to make your own Random Act of Kindness kit to give to someone and we have some great ideas for what to put in your music lover’s RAK Box. 


RAK Disco Ball BlueTooth Speaker 

Any music lover would be obsessed with this gift. It is basically a dance party in a box! It will create so much happiness when  they blast all of their favorite bops and dance in the light of the spinning disco ball. Who needs to go out to a club? 


RAK Customized Guitar Pick

It’s time to Rak and Roll! If your music lover plays guitar, this is the perfect pick (see what we did there?)! They can rock out with a customized guitar pick that is made with high-quality celluloid (a traditional pick material). These picks grip well and provide the flexibility and durability needed for a balanced and crisp tone.


RAK Music Note Stress “Ball”

Everyone gets a little...or maybe a lot...stressed sometimes. Bring some stress relief to the music lover in your life with your random act of kindness and give them this super cool music note squeezie. It brings instant relief and it’s super cute! 


Rak N Roll T-Shirt

Your music lover is going to be looking super fly in their new Rak N Roll t-shirt. It’s super soft and comfy but also spread a message of rock & roll and kindness, our two favorite things! 


RAK Chameleon Lip Balm

This choice might surprise you but we think it’s a practical and kind gesture. Think about it. Music lovers are always going around singing: when they’re working, when they’re in the car, when they’re running errands, and every other moment of the day. All that singing can really dry out their lips. This is a vanilla-flavored lip balm ball that features balm made with 100% all-natural beeswax, aloe, and vitamin E. The container changes colors just like a chameleon.  Boring balms will be no match for this cool RAK lip moisturizer!

If this sounds like a fun idea, it’s time to start building your box. Our Random Acts of Kindness boxes can be customized to fit anyone in your life that you want to surprise with a RAK. It’s also possible to anonymously RAK a stranger! How cool is that?



We don’t know about you but we’ve been doing our best to expel the bad juju of 2020 and leave it in our dust. This means creating positive energy and prioritizing our mental health. Science shows us one thing that definitely works is random acts of kindness #RAKing. It’s true! Studies show that carrying out small acts of kindness creates a “helpers high” which is good for our brains. It all comes down to chemicals, specifically: dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. 



Oxytocin, a.k.a “the love hormone” is important in creating social bonds and forming relationships. It helps to create trust as well. Carrying out random acts of kindness releases oxytocin into our brains which lowers stress, lowers your blood pressure, and connects you to the person/community you are helping. 



Dopamine is a feel good transmitter that is also released into your brain during a random act of kindness. It’s what makes you feel good and euphoric and we know we could all use a little more of that in 2021. 



Being kind can also lead to an increase in serotonin which stabilizes our moods, feelings of well-being, and happiness. It’s a complex and extremely important neurotransmitter. 


Judith Orloff MD says kindness and generosity lead to a better life full of positive energy: “Generosity accelerates the free flow of everything positive in your life. Of course, when it comes to finances, a good job, smart investments, and saving wisely are important. But beyond these essentials, the secret is to be generous, whatever your net worth.” 

Beyond all the benefits a random act of kindness has on us, spreading kindness benefits our communities and people we love! You never know how a simple gesture could turn around someone’s day. Get those good chemicals flowing and make someone smile today by sending them an anonymous RAK gift box!



Covid-19 has challenged our generation in ways we have never imagined. While some people still have to go to work, most of us are helping contain the virus by staying at home and practicing social distancing. Being in quarantine doesn’t mean we should stop spreading random acts of kindness though! If anything, it’s when we need it the most.

We thought of simple random acts of kindness you can do for your family, friends, and community during this time of quarantine:

1. Thank those who are still working that you know or encounter day to day

Whether it’s a doctor, a delivery staff, the cashier at the grocery, or the customer representative on the phone, smile and thank them! We need to let them know that we are thankful that they’re working in the frontlines so we can have a more comfortable quarantine life.

2. Catch up with friends and family

Everyone’s anxious during this time, so a simple call or text to make sure your family or friend is doing well can make a big difference. Your extroverted friends are probably suffering from all the isolation so make sure to check up on them!

3. Support your local restaurants buy buying a gift card for later use

Local restaurants and shops have taken the brunt of the recent shutdowns in local communities. Buying a gift card from them and encouraging friends to do so as well will go a long way.

It might seem small, but if more people do it, your favorite restaurant might just stay afloat and survive this pandemic. If you also opt for delivery or take-out, choose the local places and not the chain restaurants.

4. Rate your favorite local shops or restaurants on Yelp and other rating sites

This is a very simple random act of kindness you can do that won’t cost you a dime, but can help struggling local businesses in the long run.

5. Foster a pet if you can

Animal shelters need help in fostering pets as they were also affected by the closing of “non-essential” establishments. Fostering a pet doesn’t only help the pet, it has benefits for you, too, especially during this time of isolation and social distancing.

6. Secretly leave a treat or note offering help in your neighbor’s mailbox

It can be as simple as baked goods or a hand sanitizer, your neighbor will appreciate the surprise. You can also leave a note in your neighbor’s mailboxes offering help such as getting the groceries on behalf of an elderly neighbor or a time to chat if they need anyone to talk to.

Just don’t forget to make sure your hands are clean before you leave anything in their mailbox!

Which among these simple random acts of kindness will you do to RAK this Covid-19 quarantine away? And how are you staying sane while in quarantine? Let us know in the comments!


Kindness doesn’t mean having to make huge sacrifices like what Mother Theresa did. Smiling at a stranger, giving compliments to the cashier, or holding the door for a colleague. Doing these simple random acts of kindness can significantly make someone’s day brighter. Being kind can be easy. In fact, it can be so so easy we came up with 100 simple acts of kindness that you can effortlessly do for your friends, family, or a random stranger. They’re so easy you’ll probably want to do five of them in a day!

100 Simple RAK Challenge

1. Give someone a hug.

2. Donate books to an orphanage.

3. Smile and thank your server.

4. Buy a friend or a colleague coffee.

5. Compliment a stranger.

6. Spend time with a friend or family member.

7. Hold the door open for someone.

8. Get in touch with an old friend or relative.

9. Write or send a thank-you note to someone.

10. Offer to help someone.

11. Do something kind for yourself.

12. Smile at everybody. It's contagious.

13. Spread the word about a charity doing great work.

14. Thank someone who has gone out of their way for you.

15. Send an encouraging text or email to a friend.

16. Let someone know that you appreciate their work.

17. Sponsor someone or share a fundraising page.

18. Pick litter up off the street.

19. Bring treats to work or school.

20. Give someone an inspiring book you think they'd like.

21. Let an influencer know they have made a difference.

22. Write a letter and mail it out to someone you love.

23. Go the day without complaining.

24. Forgive someone who wronged you in the past.

25. Make dinner for a family in need.

26. Use a travel mug and reusable tumbler instead of a disposable one.

27. Surprise someone with a thoughtful gift.

28. Avoid gossip.

29. Do something you love for 30 minutes.

30. Apologize to someone you did wrong in the past.

31. Send a postcard to a friend.

32. Buy groceries for the person next to you in line.

33. Ride your bike or walk to work.

34. Volunteer for a charitable cause.

35. Recycle things that you see in your home.

36. Take time to listen to someone.

37. Offer to give a friend a ride home.

38. Lend a friend your favorite book.

39. Pay someone's bus or train fare.

40. Give your seat up on a bus to another person.

41. Offer the spot ahead of you while waiting in line.

42. Buy flowers to hand out on the street.

43. Leave letters of encouragement on people's cars.

44. Participate in a fundraiser or charity.

45. Donate old clothes to a charity.

46. Help someone put groceries in their car.

47. Plant a tree.

48. Do someone a favor without asking for anything in return.

49. Help a child or an older person cross the street.

50. Run an errand for someone.

51. Tell a boss about a good employer.

52. Pay for someone's meal at a restaurant.

53. Mail someone a random gift.

54. Share your umbrella with someone.

55. Offer to take someone’s photo for them.

56. Donate towels or blankets to the animal shelter.

57. Bring someone a souvenir from your trip.

58. Take a new acquaintance to lunch.

59. Send a random thank you email to someone you admire.

60. Put your phone away when you're with family and friends.

61. Make someone laugh.

62. Adopt an animal.

63. Return a stray grocery cart.

64. Encourage a friend when they try something hard.

65. Sit with someone at lunch who’s all alone.

66. Join town clean-up day.

67. Turn in a lost item you found.

68. Cheer up a friend who is sad.

69. Decorate crafts for a nursing home or retirement home.

70. Donate food to a food drive.

71. Leave a nice note on a colleague’s desk.

72. Share your lunch with a stranger.

73. Leave money in a vending machine.

74. Give someone homeless a blanket or a coat.

75. Bring flowers to nursing or retirement homes.

76. Write kind words on rocks and leave them at the park.

77. Keep bags filled with snacks and sample-size toiletries to give to the homeless.

78. Take time to write a great online review for a restaurant you love.

79. Talk to a person sitting on their own at a party.

80. Organize a donation drive for coloring books, toys and art supplies for a children's hospital.

81. Write a thank-you note to a former teacher who made a difference in your life.

82. Pay the toll for the car behind you.

83. Keep bottled water in your car and hand it out on a hot day.

84. Leave a great tip for a waiter/waitress who did a fantastic job.

85. Offer your handyman/service repair person a snack or beverage.

86. Volunteer to do a family member's laundry.

87. Get someone to go on a spontaneous adventure with you.

88. Give someone a list of things you love about them.

89. Prepare and organize a party in a retirement home.

90. Treat someone to a movie.

91. Prepare breakfast in bed for your family.

92. Say thank you to your building’s janitor.

93. Be courteous and kind to customer care representatives.

94. Learn to say "hello" in a variety of languages.

95. Teach a random act of kindness to kids.

96. Help a driver in need fix a flat tire or whatever kind of help they need.

97. Hide a happy note for someone to find.

98. Support a small independent business.

99. Tell your parents how much you love them.

100. Share this with someone kind.

Which simple act of kindness will you do today? Or if you already did one of them, how did the recipient of your kindness react? Let us know in the comments or tag us on our socials using the hashtag #RandomActofKindness !

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