Here at the RAK Experience, we truly believe Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs) make the world go ‘round. Being kind has SO many positive effects on both the receiver and the giver. Positive effects include, but are not limited to, a sense of belonging and increased feelings of wellbeing. Did you know that there is even a designated Random Acts of Kindness Day every year on February 17th? We believe Random Acts of Kindness are best taken daily (or more!). 


You can download the 30 Day Challenge Random Acts of Kindness Planner 👉👉  here >> 


We want to help you make the world a kinder place and you can start today with our Random Acts of Kindness 30 Day Challenge. All you have to do is check off one of the following RAKs every day for the next 30 days. They don’t have to be in order!


1. Pay It Forward In The Drive-Thru

This is an easy way to make someone’s day! Whenever you’re picking up your morning coffee or lunch, tell the employee working the drive-thru that you’ll also pay for the person in the vehicle behind you. 


2. Send a Card to a Friend/Relative

Send a card to a friend or relative you haven’t spoken to in a while to let them know you are thinking about them. 


3. Tape Change To  Parking Meter

Or, if you see someone’s meter is running out, give it a top up. Parking tickets can be so stressful, so a little kindness from a stranger can go a long way. 


4. Donate Your Books

Go through your books and weed out the ones you’ve already read or no longer want and donate them to your local library. 


5. Bake For Your Neighbors

Bake a treat like cookies or brownies, etc. and bring them to someone in your neighborhood. 


6. Compliment Three Strangers

Make others feel good today and give a compliment to three different strangers. 


7. Visit an Animal Shelter 

Dogs and cats love Random Acts of Kindness too! Visit an animal shelter and help out if you can! Who doesn’t love puppy and kitten cuddles? 

8. Leave an Extra Big Tip

Visit your favorite restaurant or cafe and leave an extra big tip for your server. It’s been a tough year for the service industry and they deserve some love!


9. Then Leave Them a Good Review

After you’re done with your meal leave a positive review for the restaurant on Google, Yelp, or Trip Advisor. 


10. Donate to a Food Pantry

When you are doing your regular grocery shop add on a few extra non-perishable items or clear out your pantry at home. Drop off the food at a local food pantry to help those in need. 


11. Leave An Encouraging Note In Public

This is a simple and easy RAK that you can do anytime. All you need is a marker and a sticky note. Leave a “You’re Beautiful!” note up on  a public restroom mirror or “You Are Doing Great!” on a telephone pole. 


12. Call A Relative Just To Say Hello

Take five minutes out of your day to give a grandparent or relative you haven’t seen in a while a call just so say hello and see how they are doing. 


13. Plant A Tree or Flowers

RAK the planet by planting a tree or flowers. Not only is it good for the environment but they can be enjoyed by the community as a whole. 


14. Thank an Essential Worker

Essential workers have been absolute heroes this past year and a half. Thank one in person or leave them a note!


15. Give Your Friend a List of Things You Love About Them

Remind your friend of all the reasons you love having them in your life. It will surely make their day! 


16. Donate to a Cause

Whether it’s your time or a financial contribution, find a cause you care about and get involved! 


17. Bring Treats To Work

Nothing brightens up a workday like some midday treats. 


18. Leave A Gift for Your Mail Carrier

Imagine the smile on their faces when they open the mailbox and there’s something addressed to them! It can even be something super simple like snacks and a bottle of water or Gatorade!


19. Hold The Door Open For Someone

This is RAK as old as time, but people seem to be in a  rush more and more these days. Take the time to stop and hold a door for somebody today. 


20. Donate Toys to Charity

A child and family in need will be so happy to receive a new toy. Donate ones you have around the house or pick up something new at a local toy store. 


21. Help a Neighbor Mow Their Lawn/Do Yard Work

Especially if you have an elderly neighbour. Mowing the lawn, raking leaves, or shovelling snow from their driveway will make all the difference. 


22. Leave Flowers On a Strangers Car

Leave a single flower on parked cars so that when the owner returns they’ll receive an instant smile on their face. 


23. Offer to Babysit for a Friend or Relative with a Child

We all know a parent who could use some extra time for themselves or a date night. Offer to babysit so that they can enjoy a day/night out!


24. Cook a Meal For Someone

We personally believe the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach and the best way to feed it is with a home-cooked meal. 


25. Leave A Dollar On A Vending Machine

Leave a dollar or two on a vending machine and make a stranger's day with a free snack. 


26. Donate Old Clothes to Charity

Clear up some room in your closet and donate the clothes to Goodwill or a homeless shelter for anyone who could really use them. 


27. Give Blood

Giving blood can save a life. With blood shortages all over the country, donating your blood is a huge random act of kindness. 


28. Write a Thank You Note

Write a thank-you note to anyone in your life that you think deserves it. It could be someone you know or a stranger, but make sure to give them plenty of thanks!


29. Set Up a Bird House

Here’s an easy way to RAK a bird! Set up a birdhouse on your lawn or hang a homemade feeder from a tree. Birds love RAKs too. 


30. Send A RAK Pak 

Send a RAK Pak to a friend or even anonymously to someone who deserves it! You can RAK a little or you can RAK a lot! 


You can download the 30 Day Challenge Random Acts of Kindness Planner 👉👉  here >> 


We’re so excited that you’re taking part in our 30 Day Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. Challenge your friends and family to do it with you and make sure to document it all on social media. Don’t forget to tag us! 

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