The Top 5 Ways to RAK Someone at the Mammoth Film Festival

The Top 5 Ways to RAK Someone at the Mammoth Film Festival
| February 20, 2020

Now in its third run, “California’s favorite winter film festival” is held in Mammoth Lakes, California. To say the least, we’re incredibly pumped to celebrate and see the brilliant work of filmmakers, producers, actors, and writers (and everyone who worked behind the scenes). We also can’t wait to participate in random acts of kindness and we hope you are, too! Here are the top five simple random acts of kindness you can do to make someone’s MFF experience RAK even more:

1. Buy someone coffee. And make it a Black Velvet Coffee while you’re at it!

“Brrr. It’s cold in here,” is what you’ll probably say while in Mammoth Lakes. What better way to start your and someone’s day than with a steaming cup of coffee. Black Velvet Coffee has an espresso bar that we love! As long as you’re not dairy free make sure you try a raw milk latte. It’s RAK-a-licious! And if you’re looking to unwind after a day of movie screenings and wandering about Mammoth, they also offer a wide selection of craft beer and wine. You can find them here.

2. Surprise someone with a gift from the Mammoth Fun Shop. They carry an array of fun stuff--from bath bomb cakes to the world’s smallest jigsaw puzzle--that you can buy. Know someone with a sweet tooth? Everyday is a sundae fun day at this local shop as they also offer delectable old-fashioned ice cream served in home-made cones. The ice cream comes with free toppings, too! Get directions here.

3. Treat someone to a hot bowl of ramen at Ramenya. Film Festivals are about the films, but they are mostly about the relationships you make while you’re there. Invite some of the filmmakers you meet to join you for dinner. We highly recommend Mammoth Lakes’ sole noodle house. Their shoyu ramen and kimchi is perfect on a cold night! If you’re up for it, their sake is also a must-try. The owners and staff are warm and friendly, too! Visit them here.

4. Get your furry friend treats and toys from Tailwaggers Pet Store and Bakery. The random acts of kindness you can do extends to pets, too! Whether it’s your own pet or your friend’s, they will surely wag their tail when they see you with any of the selections of pet food, baked goods, treats, and toys that Tailwaggers carry. RAK yourself right now by checking out cute photos of Tailwaggers doggos here (warning: cuteness overload). They are located here.

5. Cheer someone up with chocolate from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. From the Tailwaggers Pet Store, you can walk to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and grab chocolates for old and new friends you’ll meet at the Mammoth Film Festival. As an adage goes, a chocolate a day keeps the blues away. Visit their Mammoth Lakes shop here.

Among the five random acts of kindness you can do, which one are you looking forward to doing? Or are you doing all of them?! Either way, tag us when you RAK someone at the Mammoth Film Festival!


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